The Meekermark

Not often do I get the chance to second shoot for a photographer that I truly admire but I did just that this spring when I got to photograph a wedding in Houston with the wonderful Marisa Vasquez Photo. When I first moved to Austin, TX I found Marisa’s work right away and fell absolutely in love with her shooting and editing style. So unique from my own but I always thought to myself, “WOW! Now that girls got talent… how can I be her best friend?” I didn’t pursue actually getting to know her IRL because I started to focus on fashion and portraiture while in Austin, but shooting with her at The Meekermark was seriously one of the best experiences. Not to mention she totally trusted my abilities and just let me go wild with the reception photos. I haven’t had that much fun at a reception in ages! I got to try some different settings and I’m a little hooked on the idea of shooting this way at receptions now. Plus, I now have a favorite venue in Houston. So if any brides out there are reading this…. GO BOOK YOUR WEDDING AT THE MEEKERMARK! Then come right back and book me as your wedding photographer ;) 

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